Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Dinosaur Picture!

This is my dinosaur artwork. The dinosaur is called "The Mud Blood". Other animals and dinosaurs think it is not dangerous but it is extremely dangerous. The mud blood just ate something tasty and the red stuff coming out of it`s mouth is blood. On its neck there is a birthmark which helps animals know that he is going to get your heart. That birthmark means death for you and to stay away. These colors are the sign of danger. Mud Bloods eat hearts, bloods, and colorful animals. That`s how they get there colors. Not everyone knows that it is called the "Mud Blood" so it`s nickname that people and animals call the "Eye Watcher". That`s because the glowing eyes and the layers of eyes just watching every move you move and take. Another reason for that nickname is before they tasted blood, they ate people and animals eye balls. In those days people were alive. Some people kept them as pets and they were eaten in five seconds. Never trust Mud Bloods. But in those days every person and animal trusted their worst nightmare, "The Mud Blood".

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