Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Dinosaur Picture!

This is my dinosaur artwork. The dinosaur is called "The Mud Blood". Other animals and dinosaurs think it is not dangerous but it is extremely dangerous. The mud blood just ate something tasty and the red stuff coming out of it`s mouth is blood. On its neck there is a birthmark which helps animals know that he is going to get your heart. That birthmark means death for you and to stay away. These colors are the sign of danger. Mud Bloods eat hearts, bloods, and colorful animals. That`s how they get there colors. Not everyone knows that it is called the "Mud Blood" so it`s nickname that people and animals call the "Eye Watcher". That`s because the glowing eyes and the layers of eyes just watching every move you move and take. Another reason for that nickname is before they tasted blood, they ate people and animals eye balls. In those days people were alive. Some people kept them as pets and they were eaten in five seconds. Never trust Mud Bloods. But in those days every person and animal trusted their worst nightmare, "The Mud Blood".

I Want A Morkie!

I want a Morkie so badly! A Morkie is not a pure breed! It is a mixed breed! A Morkie is mixed with a Maltese dog and a Yorkie dog! A Morkie Only grows to about 8-10 ounces! And both of your hands are about the size of the Morkie! Morkie's do not shed dog hair because the hair is so short! Also, Morkie's are small enough for you to hold it in your arms! Morkie's do not get aggressive! But, do not worry if they jump on you that means they want you to play with them! Morkie's are the cutest dog in the whole wide world to me! If I ever get on I bet I would be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world! All the reasons why I think my family should get a Morkie is because of all the information I just told you about! Hope I get a Morkie soon! Thanks!




Kelly Wu is my BFFL! She is nice, smart, and caring. I could say so many nice things about but that would take hours to tell all about her. Kelly is a true friend. We love spending time with each other and we have so many things in common. We are the same height! Kelly is really cute! She has such a  nice family! Kelly is so funny! A joke I love that she told me just yesterday was she said "What does I don't know mean"? I said "It means I don't know" and then she said " You don't know"! Then I said "I don't know then"! Last she said "I don't know"! I laughed so so so hard!

My Favorite Book!

My favorite book is " Where The Mountain Meets The Moon" by Grace Lin! I love this book! It is really long but, it is worth it! This book is about a girl named Minli and her family is very poor! And only the man on top of the mountain that meets the moon can grant Minli's wish! On the way up the mountain Minli meets a lot of friends! This book is about Friendship, Bravery, and Caring! I love this book and i think you should try reading it! Thanks!



My Brother`s Birthday Party!

March 2nd, 2012 my brother Marcus is having his birthday party. He is bringing a friend named Joe and I am bringing my BFFL, Kelly. Kelly`s sister is coming with us for some reason but at least we will all have fun! My Dad and Mom are coming so they can watch us having the best time! My favorite ride was the Fairy Odd Parent  ride! It was fun!

I had such a good time with my family and friends!!!!

Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome To Our Blog! I am Kelly And I am Lulu! We will post frequently about the special events that we have experienced! Hope you enjoy commenting and reading on our blog! Thanks!


Kelly And Lulu